Back to School

Tough to beat a good, solid high-tech industrial shoot.

That’s exactly what we had on our hands, copywriter/producer JoEllen Hodges and I, this week at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center.

In the only local pilot project of its kind, they have started a school for pharmacy education in-house, on the hospital campus. The ASHP-certified Pharmacy Technician Academy allows individuals to train for a career as a certified pharmacy technician – one of the fastest growing occupations today.

The Academy’s goal is to make high-quality health care training more accessible to the community. In turn, they say, this will provide more highly-trained and patient-centered members of their health care team.

We photographed about a dozen members of their spirited team doing what they do: Patient care, preparing medicine, and enjoying each other’s company.

Exempla is a regional healthcare system with three hospitals, dozens of neighborhood clinics and offices, and about 7500 employees.

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