Amazing Cakes

Freelance Art Director Dylan Kiszlowski always arranges great shoots.

This week, we were shooting cake product shots to be used on the set of  Last Cake Standing, a Food Network competition that shoots in Denver. They were going to be blown up to several feet high each and featured prominently!

Rachael from Intricate Icings hosted us in her Erie, Colorado studio where we set up early on a weekend morning, and waited for her amazing creations to come rolling out of the kitchen.

From drop-dead gorgeous to funny to very, very chocolaty, we shot variations on dozens of themes, even making Rachael squeeze the icing bag with the wrong hand over and over again for the camera. We kept her from her family until almost 9 that cold night, when she showed her displeasure by seeing us to the door with a half-dozen fresh cake-pops each.

What an awesome ride home that was.

Photo: ©2011 PR Newswire/Food Network

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