Chez Elway

Is it Architecture? Is it Product? It’s Archi-Product!

This month, I got to step into the great John Elway’s house, nervously, with all kinds of pointy tripods and heavy lights.

It was for a shoot for Vantage Controls in Philadelphia, and my old buddy Brandon Nelson, who make the most beautiful, customizable lighting, media and climate controls anywhere. Elway recently upgraded his home to 100% Vantage, and we were there to show off the results.

The wall lighting controls glow multi-color LED so they’re readable on or off, and the iPad-based tablet whole-house controllers feature Broncos logos, weather, news, and still have room for, wait for it, lighting control. You feel like you’re mixing a record when you’re just setting the right mood in the pool house.

I was very careful not to knock over those Lombardi trophies.

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