Your Office as Studio

I’m often asked what’s the best space in an office for a corporate photo shoot. I’m always tempted by the Board Room due to sheer square footage, but actually, there’s probably a better space. Unless you’re willing to move that table.


Above is an empty corner office. 8-foot ceilings (higher is nice, but not necessary) and approximately 400+ square feet (18′ x 25′).

Below is about the minimum, 300 square feet (or 15′ x 20′) with a couple outlets. The windows should have blinds or shades, and the overhead lights should be the kind you can shut off.
Some offices or buildings have education, training or, yes, yoga rooms. All are great. Sometimes a quick elevator ride to a comfortable studio beats a short walk to a cramped one. And that’s it!

When in doubt, send over a cell phone picture or just ask me for advice.

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