GordonMeet Gordon. Gordon likes to run. 100 miles at a time.

But he also runs a successful law firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His unusual hobby caught the eye of Blue Onion Advertising’s client, Needles, who feature real customers in their national ads.

We photographed Gordon on a record-breaking unusually warm day in mid-march in Boulder. Up before dawn, two locations and countless poses down before lunch.

Hopefully, invisible to the client is the work that goes into this kind of shoot: Location scouting, hiring a location manager to arrange permits with the city, forwarding them the agency’s insurance information, making call sheets and maps (one of the two locations didn’t even have an address!), hiring assistants, arranging rentals (100% battery-powered ProFotos yo!) and making it to our lunch reservation on time… were the jobs of the agency and photographer.

And we even came in a little under budget. That’s why I love what I do.

Client: Needles, Inc., Baltimore, MD
Agency: Blue Onion, Lakewood, CO
1st Assistant: Rene Pirolt

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