HDR For Architecture

What the heck is HDR and why do you care?  HDR_Compare_RGB
If you require architectural photography, whether interiors or exteriors, you need to know about HDR. High Dynamic Range photography combines several captures, usually 3 to 7, of an identical room or building made at different exposures. Special software (Not Photoshop!) combines them to brighten the darkest parts and darken the brightest to deliver a stunning, snappy, highly-saturated final image. The above is a good example, which also includes perspective correction.HDR_Compare_Int_RGB

This summer, the University of Colorado Hospital marketing and communications team commissioned a series of photographs in and around their new construction that would visually convey their core principals. For a building this pretty, I knew they had to be HDR. We used a 30-foot rented construction lift to get above distractions like trees and signage, and made two angles of Pavilion 2 in one evening.

And it works wonders on interiors, too.
Why is this important? Part of the job of the photographer is to, when appropriate, capture what the casual viewer sees. A cool glass building on a great night, or a lavish penthouse interior, really look this way. The camera just needs to be talked into it.

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