Katy Perry Rocks Lakewood High

Oh, come on. You were kind of excited to hear that the talented kids at Lakewood High School won themselves a Katy Perry concert, weren’t you?They, like, made this great video and, like, Katy Perry totally came through?

ABC’s Good Morning America asked if I’d be able to cover it. As THE ONLY MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHER. Aside from the 3 am call time (you read that right), it was a blast. Katy came on about 5 am our time (that’s one early rock show) for a 7am hit on the east coast.

ABC, as the sole media outlet for a huge event in teenybopper and social mediadom, requested that I turn around at least a dozen keepers to their FTP ASAP. Done, thanks to the local Starbucks and the power of a good chai on little sleep. Fun show.

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