Legal Directory

Babich_ret_copy“I don’t want to be photographed just standing there in the hallway,” attorney Bill Babich said. “Do you know of any diesel truck graveyards?”

I didn’t. But after a few minutes on the phone, I had the nice people at Active Truck Parts, literally halfway to Omaha, on board. You see, Babich specializes in transportation law, and was interested in demonstrating that for the cover of a new legal directory. I was excited to spend the morning far away from home, freezing amidst trashed semis. And he didn’t seem to mind either!

Anderson_50_retThis was probably the most colorful part of the assignment, which entailed portraits of a handful of Colorado attorneys. We ran the gamut from Bill’s wild truck yard to downright civilized head-and-shoulders portraits. Surprisingly, many of these attorneys had never sat for a proper headshot before.

They say a friendly face on your web site and LinkedIn are a sure step toward recognition and success. “How you look in a picture with your professional business profile and contact information is often the first time a prospect will actually see you. And when they look at your picture, what will their perception be?”  -Lisa Quast, Forbes

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