All About Retouching

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 3.39.46 PM
Many of my clients see me for business portraits. Headshots, we like to call them. Some have in-house design teams to edit and retouch the files for them, but many rely on me for that. In case you’re interested, here’s how all that works:

We shoot a series of portraits of each subject (nothing new there) and the client watches them go down on my laptop, approving or making suggestions along the way. If they have a graphics team, all I do is rename those files and deliver them with a CD or DVD. But if they don’t, this is where it gets interesting.

My retouching software opens each one and I tell it, by manipulating sliders, how much to soften blemishes and reduce shine, how white to make teeth, and how bright to make eyes. It’ll freshen you up just a bit or it’ll knock a dozen birthdays off, all while keeping you looking like yourself.

It’s recommended for any application larger than web use, especially for C-Suite and managers.

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