Jam Band

Fun night.

Unusually, I was asked by Production Designer Dylan Kiszlowski, to cover a rock show. The band: Widespread Panic on Halloween weekend. Sweet! Dylan had just finished re-designing their set to reflect the holiday:

“We surrounded the screen with a mass of misfit boards that mimicked the wall lining of an abandoned mine shaft.  We call it the Decaying Wall. Attached and spaced from each other with black aircraft cable, the boards floated independently in one big rotting wood curtain. The Decaying Wall was only a few feet downstage of the LED screen. It’s jagged, splintering edges purposefully encroached on the perimeter of the screen to break up the otherwise straight edges.”

Looks as good as it sounds:

Untitled_Panorama1The view from the pit!



See more of Dylan’s work here.

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