10-Foot Prints

You heard that right.

My biggest client, SCL Health in Denver, had a birthday party at one of their hospitals a couple weeks ago. Good Samaritan, in Lafayette, was born 10 years ago! To celebrate, they designed a massive mural along one of their atrium walls featuring the founding of the city, the building of the hospital, and photos of some of the services they provide. My photos!

Managed and designed by Lynn Noonan of Zoop Creative, this huge undertaking was completed on time for the big party, but had me wondering: How will my pictures look blown up to ten feet across? I mean, we all struggle with what the perfect resolution cameras for us are, and this was the test.


The results? Stunning. The first photo (far left) features a model wearing a shirt with a light check in it. The check is sharp, as are the threads in the collar buttons. The last picture shows a patient in a hospital gown. Every little shape in the pattern is clean, and the MRI tech’s name is sharp and readable.

Credit goes to Lynn and the printer and installers. Oh, and to the nice people at Nikon, of course.

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