New: Instant Digital Delivery


I made it my mission this summer to get my photo files delivered in the fastest, most client-friendly way possible! I wanted the process to be interactive, and for you to get your final files fast, even when hundreds of proofs and final hi-res photos are involved. No more snail-mailing CDs!

After a ton of research and beta testing, I chose my new delivery system—Photoshelter, which acts as a one-stop interface for sharing media.


What this means for you: You’ll get an email from me that I’ve posted your proofs in your unique client area. You’ll be able to view proofs, share them, and make selects (with comments). When you’re ready I’ll be notified. I’ll post downloadable final photo files that will be available to you for 30 days!

I’ll be around to help you through the process and I’ll still have CD/DVD delivery available for order, if you like. Lightbox

You’ll notice that the new delivery platform has changed the look of my website (which I’m loving) and I hope you do too.

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