QuickPost: Your LinkedIn Photo

Not everybody’s LinkedIn picture is terrible, but many, many are. I’m assuming yours is not among them. Briefly, can we talk about why?

I think we can safely blame cell phones. Phones are made for inebriated selfies, not sober portraits! You’ve heard camera lenses referred to as “wide angle” or “telephoto” and that means this: Wide angle is for Yosemite landscapes, telephoto is for faces. Your phone is wide angle.edBut a real portrait is taken from even further away than 5 feet. Why? It’s more flattering, and the background goes more out of focus. Good reasons.Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 5.11.01 PMLinkedIn’s Julie Inouye wrote a blog post about how to shoot a “great, non-professional” profile photo. However, she used a professional photo made with a telephoto lens as the example! And choosing a cool filter won’t help.


Before and After, courtesy 3 Chicks that Click Photography

Now, there are a hundred other reasons why to arrange for a good Linkedin (or company website) photo, including first impressions, flattering lighting, and proper posing. But when you compare before and after, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

How do you want yourself or your company to be represented? Just like with plumbing, it’s usually best to call a pro. Or just email one at paul@altitudearts.com!


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