Golf Tournament: Mother of All Events

Anyone who calls themselves a “corporate photographer” is accustomed to shooting events of all kinds. We shy away from weddings and family reunions, but embrace conferences and awards banquets for our regular clients.

DSC_1958-PanoAnd a Golf Tournament is no exception. But they’re bigger and more complicated. There are always speakers (no sweat), beautiful manicured clubhouses (easy), and a luncheon (gotcha covered). But where this gets tricky is the foursomes, out in the harsh sunshine, usually at midday.


And there’s only one way to shoot foursomes: the hard way. The bright outdoors requires at least a couple big studio strobes, which need to be powered by, occasionally, hundreds of feet of power cable. Working in sun also requires that the lighting be “high-speed sync” or capable of firing in very short shutter intervals. We also like to have a laptop and special sun shade for the screen nearby, to monitor our captures.

And all of these events happen more or less simultaneously. This isn’t kid stuff! If you’re planning a golf tournament or similar tricky event, be sure your photographer has work in their portfolio that reflects their experience in complicated events!

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