On-site Printing…

…Is not for sissies.

Last month, assistant Josh and I made on-site prints for a Denver area Boy Scouts skeet shoot fundraiser. Wishing Colorado would give us (another) beautiful fall morning was the easy part.

Like a golf tournament, a remote event including on-site printing is a tough nut to crack! This shoot involved a portable generator, a full computer and portable studio lighting setup, and a high-speed dye-sublimation printer that weighs about 50 pounds. BSA

In addition to on-site output (Four 4x6s in about a minute!) we were tasked with overlaying the client and sponsor’s graphics onto every shot we printed.

Josh and I shot, overlaid, printed, and framed each group’s photos before they were done with their turn at the skeets! As they walked back to their ATVs, we handed them their photos. They, and the client, were impressed with both the quality and speed.

PS: I was a Boy Scout. As was Josh. Be prepared.

See more event photos here!