Back on the Road

Meet Scott. Scott’s a bicycling nut, and rides daily to his software engineering job. Well, on one particular commute, he was involved in a rather nasty meeting with a very large car. He ended up at my client’s hospital, Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, who patched him up and started him on his year-long journey of recovery.


Although he doesn’t remember much of his time there, he and the folks at Good Sam have stayed in touch. Some months ago he was able to go back and meet his caregivers— again! His story was so interesting that it was decided to feature him in their publication, Good Health. Above is his cover photo.


Making a compelling and technically sound cover photo in bright Colorado sun has its challenges. We wanted to not only brighten him with (portable, battery-powered) portrait light, but to keep the background soft. Some of our specialized lighting equipment made this complicated wish list a reality, and the story turned out great.

And yes, he’s riding again : )

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