Wide-angle Portraits

One of my favorite clients, the National Institute of Standards and Technology up in Boulder, was in the throes of awards season. Winning a NIST Award is sort of like winning a domestic Nobel; It’s a big deal.

But we decided to change things up a little this year. We wanted to feature candidates on plain seamless, but under flattering (big) portrait soft light. With them sitting about six feet from the source, keeping the source soft enough was a concern.


So, to make a really big source, we simply combined two already big sources.


The two large Chimeras on the right combine to make a 6-foot by 4-foot soft source! And, as you can see, the results were beautiful. What’s more, you can adjust how much power is going to each one, so you can feather your soft light in a really flattering way.

Just another example of practical, but fun, collaboration. See more portraits here.