Galas, Dinners, and Awards, Oh My!

Covering big events—Galas, dinners, awards ceremonies and the like—can be a real challenge. A wonderful, stressful, and fulfilling challenge. This year’s Boy Scouts Sports Breakfast was no exception.

Documentation is not what any client wants. That’s what a newspaper would do. Communications and marketing people need something loaded with color and energy, a callback to an exciting time, and an enticement to attend next year.

Sure, capturing details both big and small is part of the job. Setting the scene by shooting dramatic exteriors and crazy-wide interiors (above is a 5-image stitch covering over 180º) is definitely a requirement. But nobody ever got a callback by merely ticking the boxes.

And this is where experience comes in. Until you’ve arrived early in a snowstorm (your dress shoes in a Target bag), triumphed over poor or nonexistent stage lighting, or saved the A/V guys because you brought a gizmo they didn’t, you haven’t lived!

I’m looking forward to shooting YOUR next event, gala, awards dinner, or conference!

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