Von’s Vision

The great Bronco Von Miller stopped by 34 Left studios the other day, to tape a PSA about Glaucoma. Sponsored by Allergan, who make powerful Glaucoma medication, the future Hall-of-Famer hit his marks, nailed his lines, and spent the last half hour with me shooting stills.

The video is about knowing the risks of Glaucoma, and seeking treatment if you think you or someone in your family may be affected. The New York production company, MultiVu, built a beautiful bright white set, propped with everything from ophthalmologist’s equipment to football equipment.

Director Jillian Breslin and cinematographer Adam Kolodny ride the dolly.

Take the quiz! It’s an important topic, and you may save somebody’s vision! Makeup and wardrobe by Cory Bryant and Mary Ann Hogan.