Elevated Event Photography

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Mile High Stadium to cover one of their high-profile events. Mile High, the home of the mighty Denver Broncos, has a large event area on both the east and west sides of the club level.

But this assignment was interesting: There were already photographers covering the guest grip n’ grins and the photo booth area, so what did they need me for? The event coordinator asked me to simply document the decor, activation, lighting and furnishings, and busy guest areas.

But I wanted to try something different. If my sole job was to show the grandeur of a top-shelf event in a top-shelf venue, I was going to make it cool. So I brought a camera remote, a very tall lightstand, and a spare tripod head.

This allowed me to shoot from WAY up above the crowd and see the whole place. Some venues offer vantage points like these and we love them, but this one only had a disabled escalator.

This is an example of where a pro will use technology that matches the client’s needs. Now, Mile High Stadium Events will have some very interesting, but also informative, photos of their setup potential.

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