Preparing for your Portrait Session

Guess what? Your portrait/headshot session is going to be both fun and quick. But since you probably have a question or two about how to look, read on:

What to wear—Men

Shirt: Without a tie, a button-down collar looks great. With a tie, a white or light-colored shirt is best. Tie: Ask HR or your shoot day coordinator if you should be photographed in a tie. Either way, bringing one (or several) is always the best idea. Jacket: A shirt without a jacket or sport coat won’t look as good as one with. If you don’t have one, just borrow from a colleague. Think charcoal or navy before black.

What to wear—Women

Color: In a business portrait, “jewel tones” like darker solid greens and blues look great on everybody. Recommended. Neckline: Crew, boat, or shallow v-necks are best. Deep v-necks may get cropped off, so avoid them along with sleeveless and turtleneck styles. Jacket: Adds a professional and nice, but optional, layer. Bring one.

Hair: A haircut, style, or color the week before is perfect timing. And hitting the blow-out bar before your session is a legitimate technique!

Jewelry: When in doubt, bring options! Earrings: Studs will misbehave less than hoops or anything that dangles. Think smallish. Necklace: Try your necklace and blouse together to see if they lay well together. If your necklace is a little long, I can shorten it with a bit of tape.

Glasses: If you usually wear them, wear them! Occasionally they reflect, but we can usually address this in the shoot.

Questions before your shoot? Give me a call!

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