Social Distancing with H&R Block

This month’s shoot was super interesting. This year, tax filing deadlines were extended into summer, but that wasn’t the only issue with filing. Getting together face-to-face is another challenge.

So, H&R Block introduced a revolutionary and sanitary new way to file: On your front porch.

While their offices remain open, this is a new option. They pick up, prepare, and drop off. And everything is distanced and sanitized. Pretty innovative, and extremely customer-friendly.

We also spent part of the day in a branch shooting regular post-Corona stock for them. These two models are over six feet apart, but were photographed to look closer. We shot versions of everything with and without masks.

I worked with a small video crew, and we just switched off between stills and video. To see more stills from film and video shoots click here. To learn more about H&R Block’s pick up and delivery service, click here.