It’s Been A Year

Being a client of one of the region’s great political strategists gets exciting for just a couple months, every couple years. It’s then that I get to meet wonderful and energetic candidates running for everything from Dog Catcher to State Senate.

But our shoots aren’t overly social. They’re super cram-packed, actually. I receive a “tick-tock” schedule the night before with really well-planned locations and very tight timeframes, and usually bight and early, we’re off.

This year was no exception. We photographed half a dozen Commissioner, House, and Senate hopefuls, and did so at jackrabbit pace. Most of these shoots yielded over a thousand captures in just 2-3 hours! For maximum efficiency, we used a CamRanger (highly recommended) to zap JPEGs to a wireless iPad. Just so you know, a Nikon battery, a CamRanger battery, and an iPad battery all last about 4 hours each. And by then you’re ready for an iced americano.

Perhaps you got one of in your mailbox. I hope you’ll consider supporting these candidates!

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