Joey for Forum Financial

The only good part of working during a pandemic is facing interesting challenges. I was contacted by Forum Financial of Chicago recently to shoot a remote portrait for one of their advisors, but without anyone from Forum on-set.

In addition to a portrait, they also wanted to start adding personal branding-type photos to their advisors’ pages, so clients could get to know them a little better. The first subject happened to live in Denver.

The Creative Director had interesting ideas for locations and backgrounds, but we also needed a space to accommodate a portrait setup, so we virtually scouted numerous co-working spaces. The one we settled on was big, included a studio, and had other interesting areas.

But it all had to start with the perfect portrait. I had seen the many existing portraits they already had, and needed to copy the lighting style and direction.

So, our first stop was the “creative studio” where we built a full portrait lighting setup, complete with 5-foot octabank key, fill strobes, seamless, etc.

We shot maybe a hundred variations of the official corporate pose, to be sure the client had several to choose from. Shooting portraits remotely with a new client and trying to anticipate their needs and wants is a lot of fun.

The objective was to shoot the portrait plus two location poses, each framed for full 2×3 cropping, 16×9, and CinemaScope, 3×1. So, we punched all those ratios into our capture software, and made sure we liked how each looked cropped all three ways.

The client was very happy once everything was retouched and delivered. At this point, Joey may never want to leave Denver. For more location portraits, click here.