Windy City

Annual report assignments are routinely the best. Small or no crew, but willing and collaborative clients. Also, long shot lists and occasionally challenging conditions.

The 2020 Black Hills Annual was no different. Usually shot in summer or fall, this years’ edition was put off for obvious reasons, but also because our hero location, the Corriedale wind farm in Wyoming, had just come on-line. So…January it is.

A wind farm in January is exactly as cold as you think it’s going to be: 50 mph gusts and just over 20º Fahrenheit. Our engineer Allie and designer Sarah were tough as nails, though, as we all darted out of our individual vehicles for several quick setups as the sun was going down.

But the fun didn’t stop there! Our other setups, out of the wind, were chilly but interesting. Gas tech Carl visits client Laurie in our rented home/studio. Note Carl’s key light, armed in and gridded, so he didn’t get lost in the bright backlight. And lineman Rick, whose weathered gloves proved a perfect symbol of Black Hills’ “Ready” messaging.

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