Flexibility is Key

Let’s talk business portraits, AKA headshots. Last month, I had the pleasure of doing a new round of photography for Bachus & Schanker, whose faces you know from TV and billboards.

Kyle Bachus and the creative team are so great to work with, as they’re always miles ahead of their competition. In this case, they decided we should spend extra time with each attorney to capture them on unlit seamless for the designers to cut out and manipulate later, depending on the composition of whatever piece they’re making. The two-shot with them both is a composite. Looks pretty natural, right?

This round of photography is a good reminder to slow down, pre-plan for all kinds of unforseen uses, and to never make a group shot without also shooting its component parts separately.

Finally, we got to do a few exterior shots in the middle of a fresh spring snow. I think those are pretty fun!