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Location Portraits 2023

One of my great pleasures in photography is making portraits on location. It combines all the technical with all the personal: Getting a little glimpse and someone’s personality, in physical context. 

They take a little longer than regular headshots on seamless, but tell a completely different story. Consider them for your next branding update! See more location portraits here.

Singing the Blues with Ernie Santella

Many of you know Ernie as one of Denver’s great videographers. Well-traveled, talented and wise, and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. But he has a dark side: He’s a bluesman. Unlike me, he did something useful during the pandemic: He wrote and recorded an entire album. He had bandmate Mary Johanson (Wasted on the Young) come and give voice to his cool, witty lyrics.

And he was nice enough to have me come around a do a few photos. Give the album a spin on any streamer or here. Enjoy!

Cookin’ With Clover

Clover make those point-of-purchase terminals we’ve all used at coffee shops, but they also do much more for restaurants and other small businesses. They and their creative partners, Closed Loop, were filming another digital spot in Denver, and were nice enough to ask me to do the stills. Here’s Chef Porter cooking up a storm. 

Shot by Joe Baran, the 100+ shot day featured the interior of Greenwich Restaurant on Larimer Street. In fact, they made the artisanal pizza lunches! Goodness. Get one. The lighting was by Chris Gerding and Glen Yoshida, makeup by Beth Ryan, and art direction by Savannah Johnson. For more production stills, click here.

Politics 2022

Politics is supposed to be a miserable business, right?

Well, I must have pissed off all the right people, because my political clients are wonderful. We shoot mail pieces all summer long, for every office from City Councilwoman to U.S. Senator. And guess what? We have a blast doing it. This years’ crop included:

Long days, challenging conditions, but always filled with interesting conversation between wardrobe changes. Best of luck to this lot!

See more people on location here.

Lighting on Adam by gaffer Sarah at Mayonnaise Productions, lighting on Brittany by Chris Gerding.

Photo-Centric TV Spots

What a cool concept. Inspired by modern social media photographers’ love of high-speed sync flash techniques, my friends at Network Affiliates made a couple ultra-hip TV spots showcasing the style.

We got a big studio, filled it with a killer crew (2 assistants!) and got to work. Our Art Department really had the hard part: Making fake auto glass, tools, cut-out letters, and tools appear to be flying through the air! Some of them actually were.

But the best part is the behind-the-scenes video featuring me! Ha!

See more production stills here.

Photo assistants: Matthew DeFeo, Andrew Cope; Makeup: Marnie Brooks; Art Dept: Pam Chavez, Brendan Horan; Studio: PhotoSpace Denver; BTS: Scott Tuke

A Twist on Portraits

Splunk! That’s the sound of me being plopped into a beautiful Boulder tech office. Standing desks, kombucha on tap, and rescue dogs wandering around—A little taste of the bay area right around the corner.

It’s also the name of a company peopled by warm, funny, and smart employees. They wanted to do a variation on a traditional portrait: Full-length standing shots in addition to head and shoulders! What a cool idea!

If you’re considering shaking up your company’s look, give me a call! I’m along for your adventure. And setting your style apart from your competitors is something to be proud of!

Headshots at your Conference

Convenience! I’ve been taking a lot of headshots at conferences lately. Why? Mostly because we all got a couple years off, and many of my clients have employees spread all over the country. They only get together occasionally, and what an opportunity that is to do consistent portraits!

These are from last month at a big conference hotel. I was set up in a small side area, and everyone was invited to stop by between the morning and evening sessions (reminders are key). The photos only take a couple minutes, and we did dozens over two days. This association is in good shape until next year.

If you’re planning a conference, give me a call. I can help you plan for convenient, cost-effective portrait photography anywhere.

Remote Associates

Since 2020, we’ve all seen a really noticeable rise in remote working situations. Just this past month, I’ve photographed over a dozen portraits of people whose employers are out-of-state.

This is Elizabeth, who works in Denver, but whose home office is in Atlanta. her company, wisely, provides skyline backgrounds of all their cities. I just dropped this one in.

If you have an out-of-state team, consider a solution like this for both your brand’s cohesiveness and your associates’ convenience!

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In-House Stock

This month, I had the pleasure of shooting a pretty chunky in-house stock library for my client Corporate Travel Management. Their downtown office has a plaza level with hip furniture and floor-to-ceiling views of the city and mountains which was the perfect venue—Much better than an actual, working office.

Get-togethers (meetings, conferences, etc.) are a great opportunity to grab portraits or even stock like this of your associates!

For more headshots, portraits, and office shots, click here!

Cold, Dark Day

Environmental office portraits are always both a challenge and a lot of fun, and this case was no different.

I was matching a colleague’s look, and opted to go with this in-office background. This is a super hip office, so there are great angles all over.

But this was a dark, cold winter day, and it all looked a little sad. But happily, cameras are loaded with manual controls, so with some tweaking we got the bright sunny look we were after.

Happy Spring!