Snow Job

Another dry winter in Colorado has come and gone. In fact, as soon as the client mentions snow, I see the clouds retreat and bluebirds start building nests. That’s how it always goes, right?


Almost always. But in this case, Crosspoint was actually helped out by mother nature. Just a couple days before this shoot for Source Gas in Castle Rock, several inches actually fell. Add to that the indefatigable fake snow crew from FX West, and you’ve got a regular winter freakin’ wonderland on your hands.

We shot with one of my Nikon D800s for this assignment, yielding 100 Mb. files for the art department to stretch, warp, wrap around vehicles, and print outdoor boards with.

Client: Source Gas, Golden, CO
Agency: Crosspoint, Lakewood, CO
Talent: Matt Buckstein, Radical Artists
Effects: Jim Milligan, FX West

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