Since You Asked – Before and After

It’s not every day we get to dig into what your competitors are doing. Nobody has the time for that, right? But it’s still imperative we keep an eye on them so we can stay ahead of the curve. Just ask DeLorean, Polaroid or

One thing they may be better than us at is presenting a professional web page. Did they use a better designer? Are they higher on Google? And those photos of the CEO and the Board…Those look awesome.

Given the choice, nobody would ever pick a photo like the one on the left (a real Altitude Arts customer). But they do. Time and time again. Why? They’re pressed for time, worried about creative flakes, and afraid to open a can of well-dressed, extremely photogenic worms.

That’s where Altitude Arts comes in. One phone call and beautiful business portraits are on their way in just days. We promise.

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